8 Inch Speaker

/ / 8 Inch Speaker


 300Watts RMS power
 93dB Sensitivity 1w/1m
71Hz-5.0K Hz frequency response range
 50mm/2 inch copper clad aluminum voice coil with fiberglass former
 Ideal for midrange application

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General Specifications    
Nominal Diameter 200/8 mm/inch
Rated Impedance 16 Ohm
Nominal Power handling 150 Watts
Program Power 300 Watts
Sensitivity(lw/lm) 93 dB
Frequency Range 71-5K Hz
Minimum Impedance(Zmin) 14.4 Ohm
Voice Coil Diameter 50/2 mm/inch
Voice Coil Material Copper Clad Aluminum  
Voice Coil Winding Depth 13.5 mm
Number of layers 2  
Magnet gap depth 8 mm
Cone Shape Curved  
Surround Shape M-roll  
Basket Cast Aluminum  
Flux Density 1.0 T
Magnet Material/Mass Ceramic/1.23 kg
Thiele-Small parameters    
Fs 71 Hz
Re 13 Ohm
Qms 4.7  
Qes 0.63  
Qts 0.55  
Cms 0.28 mm/N
Rms 1.68 mech-ohm
Mms 17.8 gr
Eff 1.15 %
Bl 12.8 T.m
Vas 20 Liters
Sd 0.0222 m2
Xmax 6 mm
LelK 1.0 mH
Mounting Information    
Overall Diameter 211 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter 197 mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 5 mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter 186.5 mm
Overall Depth 95 mm
Net Weight 3.6 kg